Jim and Chris's Great Kayaking Adventure and Other Fun

Chris and I finally decided to have the adventure together that we had been talking about for years - we decided on a week's kayak trip in Alaska.  On the way up, I stopped to visit  my nephew Adam, his wife Kate and their daughter Annie in Seattle and do some sightseeing in Seattle, a great city.; this portion of the trip was from May 18 - May 22, 2006.  On May 22, I flew to Anchorage to do some sightseeing around Anchorage, Turnagain Arm east of Anchorage, and Seward on the Kenai Peninsula southeast of Anchorage.  On May 25th Chris arrived and we spend a day hiking, then went on the week-long kayak trip on Prince William Sound.  My itinerary is below.

This web site was put up primarily to be my personal journal so I can relive this in future years.  This is why it may seem overly detailed in some areas; I made little attempt to condense.  Look as you want; enjoy what you see!

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Jim and Chris's Great Kayaking Adventure and Other Fun
Updated 17 May 2006 (edited for web page)

Thu 5/18

    Jim to Seattle,    MCO to ATL, 8:00 AM - 9:25 AM, Delta 758 (hope Delta stays in business)

        ATL to SEA, 11:19 AM - 1:21 PM, Delta 823

 Thu 5/18 - Mon 5/22

    Jim visit with Adam, Kate and Annie, explore Seattle area.  Adam's phone 2-4pm is 425-670-7311 X5701 (#), his science classroom; (X5730 backup - planning room).  Kate is 206-860-3496.  Home phone is 206-633-0082, 8056 Dibble Ave. NW.

 Mon 5/22

    Jim to Anchorage    1:05 PM - 3:29 PM, Cont 1581

   Hotel Monday night:  Days Inn Downtown, 321 E. 5th Ave. (Cordova and E. 5th).  907-276-7226

 Tues. 5/23 - Wed 5/24

    Head down Turnagain Arm towards Seward (126 mi.), doing a little hiking along the way.  Meander around Seward, cruise Resurrection Bay and to glaciers,  etc.  http://seward.com/

    Hotel Edgewater, 200 5th Ave.

 Thu 5/25

    Jim wander back to Anchorage - visit museums.

    Hotel in Thursday, out Saturday:  Days Inn Downtown, 321 E. 5th Ave. (Cordova and E. 5th),

Chris to Anchorage    AUS to PHX, 5:55 PM - 6:33 PM, American West 663

        PHX to ANC, 7:20 PM to 12:16 AM (Fri), American West 140

 Fri 5/26

    Hike up Flat Top Mountain. 

    Visit from Vision Quest Adventures (Wade?) to check out our gear.

 Sat 5/27 - Fri 6/2

        Pickup at hotel Saturday morning, motor to Whittier, power boat to Knight Island,

            debark into kayaks.  Make friends with whales, bears and other wildlife by kayak on Prince William

            Sound.  Get picked up at Green Island on Friday.  Vision Quest Adventures,             http://www.alaskavisionquest.com/, info@alaskavisionquest.com.

 Fri 6/2

        Pick up by power boat, boat to Whittier, motor (after traditional fish and chips meal) to Anchorage

            and, after visit to Wade's house, get deposited at ANC.

    Budget rental car, Fri. - Sat.

    Drive to Cooper Landing, AK (on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage).

    Motel:  Trout Fitters Alpine Motel, http://aktroutfitters.com

 Sat 6/3

    Guided fly fishing on the Kenai River (King Salmon season, but who knows).  Need AK non-resident one day sports fishing license, available online at http://www.admin.adfg.state.ak.us/license/, and a King Salmon stamp that is available at the fly shop at Trout Fitters (or online, but will the Kings be running?). 

    Drive to ANC

 Sun 6/4

    Chris to Austin    ANC to PHX, 1:15 AM - 7:45 AM, American West 842

        PHX to AUS, 9:14 AM - 1:40 PM, American West 6229

 Jim to Orlando    ANC to SEA, 12:55 AM - 5:10 AM, Cont 223

        SEA to ATL, 2:11 PM - 10:00 PM, Delta 903

        ATL to MCO, 10:40 PM - 12:03 AM (Mon), Delta 510