On the Parks Highway, Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park in the Background

Joy and I had never been on a cruise, and even though we didn't think we'd become addicted to to cruises, we definitely wanted to try it out.  We had been discussed taking an Alaskan cruise with Andy and Kay Yost for years but one thing or another kept popping up.  I'd be thrilled to see more of Alaska and even some of the same things I saw last year on the Kayak trip with Chris and to show Joy that small part of Alaska with which I was familiar, Joy loves seeing new places, and we both wanted to experience a cruise.  June 2007 was the time. 

Kay and I were the principle planners (although she did most the work), with frequent consultation with Joy and Andy of course.  We decided to first spend the first week sightseeing in Alaska, then the second week cruising from Anchorage to Vancouver.  Planning was an interesting process and really great fun.  Kay and I had many conversations and exchanges of email worrying about every detail, and Joy and Andy were more like, "whatever" (a vast oversimplification, but you get the idea). 

Kay and I wrestled with the philosophical questions:  Do we do a tour, or tour on our own we toured on our own, but took some local tours)?  How do we determine if we're seeing too little or attempting to see so much (we cut back considerably, and think we got it about right)?  Some people love this stuff (Kay and I, some not so sure.  With great fun, we got it all worked out.  The itinerary is below.

I had been in Anchorage a year ago, so some of what we saw was a (welcome) repeat of what I have already seen.  It was nice to be able to show Joy some of what I had been blabbering about the past year.

So on Joy's birthday, June 8, we took off for Anchorage.

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